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2015 New Year
No matter your location,
May your holiday season be filled with joy!

Looking forward to a prosperous 2015!

The Kitlocate team!

Over the weekend we had the pleasure to participate and give a short presentation at Where Camp Berlin. A great event with great audience and speakers!

Our presentation was all about the lessons we have learned on our way to creating a power efficient, always on mobile location SDK.
If you are interested in issues like:
– Reading and sifting wrong location samples from GPS, Cell and WiFi.
– Ensuring power efficiently of sampling
– Data plan management
– Managing users perceptions on:
– GPS icon
– Running in the background
– Reading and reacting to the device temperature
– Privacy

Please check out the presentation on slideshare:

Our very own Ron Miller gave a great presentation today at DroidCon TLV 2014. We had a full house of developers and Ron was happy to share from his bag of tricks and experience in developing an always on application/SDK. That is an SDK that is able to run in the background and provide always on location services such as geo fence… all that, without annoying the users and overcome obstacles.

Full house for Ron

Full house for Ron

Ron and Homer

Ron and Homer

A link to the PPT is waiting for you after the break

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