iOS8 will start updating iDevices around the world next week (starting September 17th).
KitLocate is ready for it, are you? iOS8

On a practical note – we urge you to update your app to the new SDK, it will work better and consume less power, read on why:

iOS8 is a big step forward for Apple’s mobile eco system. Since it was announcement back in June 2014, our iOS team has been working hard on a completely new version of the SDK. The SDK now in version 4.47 is available for download. I would like to share with you a few highlight on what is new and why you should use it:

Changes to CoreLocation – new SDK for iOS
iOS8 introduced a big change to the mechanics CoreLocation. As a result, many things that worked great until iOS8 do not fare so well any more. Our team had to go back to the drawing board, rethink the basics of running an always-on location and rebuild it, optimizing sensors sampling and managing power consumption. We are very pleased with the results – better functionally and performances while keeping the industry lowest power consumption figures.

Power (meter) to the people!
The changes to CoreLocation happen in conjunction with the introduction of a new feature for iOS user – a power usage meter.

The new meter ranks (none Apple…) apps according to their battery consumption. After extensive testing and optimization efforts using our sample project for Geo-fencing / driving detection as well as selected SDK partners apps. We are happy to report a very low usage of 0.2-2%, so low that in many cases “our apps” does not even make it to the list, promising to keep your app away from the power consumption spotlight.

Changes to Push notification registration
Apple has also made changed the way Local/Remote notifications are registered and work on iOS8. The new KitLocate SDK is fully supporting of these changes, as well offering legacy support to older versions. KitLocate 4.47 continues to offer the elegant, one line of code solution, to this somewhat complex push registration process, offering easy integration and great performances.

That is it for now – new iOS8, new KitLocate 4.47 a great combo – please update and send us your feedback and/or questions. We would love to hear from you.