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Consumer location

Power your app with location smarts


There’s lots of talk about big data, but how much of that is actually actionable and helps the bottom line?

KitLocate allows you to integrate extensive data on consumer attitudes and behaviors with location data, enabling you to target your communications to the right potential customers at the right time.

Reaching people with the right message at the right time is the most efficient and effective way to increase brand awareness, strengthen brand loyalty, and ultimately maximize your sales. Learn more


Our location intelligence platform combines the power of big data, smart messaging and always-on, power-smart mobile location technology for your app. 

Together, we transform the way your app is used. Together, your mobile app users have your brand at their side as they commute, work, shop and dine, enabling you to send relevant messages at the exact time and place they need your advice most and are ready act on it. Learn more

KitLocate CEO, Omri Moran discuss how consumer location intelligence is changing retail marketing.

Any brand and service:

  • Relevant messaging – talk to your customers exactly at the right time and place – when they need you most!
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and brand awareness
  • Enhanced profiling for better targeting
  • Promote mobile app usage and services

Retail and FMCG:

  • Bridge the gap between mobile, web and your physical stores
  • Increase foot traffic
  • Maximize sales
  • Get the full picture – who is buying your brands and when
  • Develop and deploy successful increase-share of wallet strategies

Government and civic services:

  • Relevant communication for targeted constituencies
  • Geo provisioning of services (parking meter apps, truancy)
  • Manage your employees and car fleet to maximize service efficiency
Tourism and Hospitality

  • Drive reservations via push notification at the right time and place
  • Micro-target relevant customers for untraceable dumping of time sensitive stock
  • Provide relevant content and coupons at destination

Financial services

  • Maximize the value of your ecosystem by connecting merchants and customers
  • Get the full picture on your customers shopping habits
  • Use geo-based anti-fraud measures

Mobile advertising

  • Serve relevant ads – at the right time and place
  • Get the full picture on your customers activity


Fortune 500 US RetailerHousehold name department store

  • – Bridge the gap between mobile and physical stores
  • – Increase foot traffic and customer engagement
  • – Maximize sales


Credit Card Company A leading payment provider affiliated with MasterCard International

  • – Better targeting
  • – Maximize sales
  • – Expose ecosystem value


PangoOn street parking meter app
for municipalities

  • – Increase user satisfaction
  • – Reduce operating costs
  • – Better experience


US Fortune 500 retailer goes personal and very local

Company Profile:

Our client is a US headquartered multinational department store chain, a Fortune 500 company and a legendary household name.

Business Situation:

Web and mobile are changing the way people shop. Our client has a strong brand and solid brick and mortar standing, along with web and mobile presence.
The challenge is to maximize and integrate these assets by using mobile to: drive foot traffic to the stores, increase sales and brand loyalty and harness social media to share the shopping experience with friends and family.


KitLocate’s geo-fencing product is now powering location on our client’s mobile app. Once a user is in the proximity of a store, we trigger the sending of a push notification to the user device with a personal message incentivizing them to unlock special offers and accrue store points.


Our client is happy. It’s customers are reacting positively and the interaction rate is very high.


Financial services

Payment provider uses KitLocate to improve targeting, increase sales
and maximize its ecosystem value

Company Profile:

Our client is a market leader financial and payment solution provider in its market and is affiliate member of MasterCard international.

Business Situation:

As a financial service provider to both credit card holders and businesses, our client was looking to leverage its ecosystem and provide visible value to both sides. For years, our client has distributed special offers and benefits to its cardholders by mail and via the media. Yet, many cardholders don’t pay attention to this type of marketing and miss out on the offers. Participating merchants are also not maximizing the opportunity and overall value of the ecosystem remains underutilized.


Using KitLocate’s SDK in its mobile app, our client is now updating its customers via push notification on relevant offers, based on their profile and location. With KitLocate, participating merchants generate more sales and provide value to card holders by exposing them to relevant sales at the exact moment they are ready to shop – just in proximity of the merchants.



Civic engagement

Street parking service uses KitLocates to increase user satisfaction and reduce operating costs

Company Profile:

Pango (Milgam Cellular Parking Ltd.)
Pango is a market leader in providing street parking meter service to municipalities. Drivers using Pango’s service are able to pay parking fees via its mobile app, paying for the exact time their car was parked.

Business Situation:

The convenience of paying directly from the app is matched only by the ability to pay for the exact time you are parked. However, many users forgot to stop the parking meter on the app and were routinely over charged, resulting in user frustration and high customer support overhead.


Using KitLocate’s SDK, our motion detection and geo-fencing algorithm senses that the app owner has driven away from its paid parking place and initiates an event notifying Pango that the space has been vacated. Pango checks if the user stopped the parking meter and if not, a server push notification to the mobile device is sent, suggesting the driver stops the meter.



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