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All in one simple SDK

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All in one simple SDK


A native, iOS and Android library that makes it easy to add always-on geo-capabilities such as Geo-Fence, Motion detection and Social location to your app.

It’s sort of “regions” for iOS and “Google play services” for Android with GPS like resolution (~5M / 16 feet) in one simple and consistent to implement SDK.


Always-on location for your app

24/7 location tracking for your app enables you to easily deploy advanced geo-capabilities like geo-fences, motion detection and social location, enabling new standard of services and engagement for your users.

Native iOS and Android sdk

Offering simple and easy deployment of native libraries for iOS (Objective C) and Android Jar (Java), supporting all devices and systems from 4.3 and 2.2 respectively.

The lowest power consumption of any location sdk!

24/7 location tracking on a mobile device is power hungry task. At kitlocate we’ve got it down to less than 1%/hr. Using our proprietary power management algorithms, intelligently sampling location sensors only when it is needed and managing data communication responsibly.

Unlimited # of geo-fences

Offering unlimited number of geo-fences, smartly updated in the background based on users location. Easily managed (create / delete) from the cloud with advanced features such as geo fence validation.

Geo-fence trigger

Send push notification based on geo-fence / geo location triggers events using our push notification platform to engage your users at the right time and place.

Location data perfection and error-free sampling

Proprietary multi sensor location detection and perfection algorithms enable us to provide reliable data efficiently, sift out and fix false location readings.

Location tested – not your ordinary qa!

Location is all about being out there and getting it right – exploring every scenario requires extensive field-testing. We’ve done it all for you and will continue to do so on new devices and os versions.

Push notification

Use our integrated location based push notification solution – using local notification (made possible by our always-on background service) or remote notification to communicate with your users when they need you.

Unified backend to manage your apps location needs

Manage your native iOS and Android app location capabilities from one unified backend in the cloud. Control your apps and the way your users and locations relate and interact via push notification.

Analytics and reports

Get the bigger picture. Our dashboard offers a range of predefined reports and the ability to create your own using our reports systems.


Download iOS/Android
Sample Projects

Framework / Jar

Full Framework / Jar


Example of Periodic Location

Geo Fencing

Example of GeoFencing

Driving Detection

Example of Driving Detection



I implemented the Kitlocate SDK and for some reson it doesn’t delegate / broadcast location,
Any suggestions?

Please make sure the application bundle and the application bundle on the dashboard are the same and that you ran initKitlocate function before using any other KitLocate functions.

I’ve Set Up A Few Geo-Fences, But When I Enter Them Nothing Happens. I Was Expecting To Receive A Push Notification. Can You Please Advise What Went Wrong?

We recommend our developers to use our verification module, which verifies user locations, a couple of times before triggering a geo-fence in/out event. If you have followed this best practice please make sure you wait about 2-3 minutes at the geo-fence in order provide that mechanism enough time to activate the in/out event.

Can I Get My User’s Data From Your Servers?

It depends on the data you require. KitLocate supplies web services, which give you access to your users’ data – please contact support from the developer’s site and we will be happy to help you.

I Noticed That Some Of My Users Use An App That Automatically Kills My App While It’s In The Background, Can KitLocate SDK Survive In The Background, Even On These Devices?

Yes. With KitLocate your app will be able to service even if your users are using these kinds of services / apps.

Which Platforms Does KitLocate Support?

We support iPhone (iOS 4.3 and up) and Android Froyo (2.2) and up

How Accurate Is KitLocate Location?

We provide accuracy of ~5 meters. The accuracy depends on the device sensors and the user’s geographical location (in the real world). The reason it matters is because we depend on the quality of the sensors in the user’s device and also the coverage of GPS / WiFi / cell-towers and other sensors at his specific location.

Power consumption, hardware and sensors

When I Ran Tests On Persistent Location, My Battery Dies Very Fast And I Decided To Give Up On Persistent Location. Will Your SDK Drain My Battery In The Same Rate As I Observed In My Testing?

No! We consume less than 1% of the battery per hour (Compared to the industry standard of up to 12%/hr. and always on GPS which consumes up to 33%/ hr.)

Which Device Sensors Do KitLocate Uses To Track Users Location?

Our location SDK uses multiple sensors on the phone (GPS, WiFi, Cell towers, accelerometer, etc.).

Can I Get The User’s Location Even When The App Isn’t On?

Yes, Most of the apps are actually turned off by the OS (“running the background”) 99% of the time. Our services are fully operational even if the app is running in the background.

What Happens If The User Turns Off His GPS? Will Your SDK Still Work?

Yes, our technology uses various sensors and we never rely on only one sensor.


What Is Geo-Fencing?

Geo-fencing is user-defined virtual perimeter for a geographic area around a specific point of interest.

What Data Do I Need In Order To Define A Geo-Fence, Using KitLocate?

You need your point of interest (POI) Latitude / Longitude and the radios for the geo-fence (we recommend minimum of 120 meters / ~400 foot)

Is The Number Of Geo-Fences I Can Add And Manage Using KitLocate Limited?

Nope, you can add an unlimited number of geo-fences – for both iOS and Android

Does Your Geo-Fence Mechanism Work Only When The User Stays At The Geo-Fence Or Even If The User Is Passing By?

KitLocate supports both. However we recommend that you use our geo-fence verification service that will verify that the user is indeed inside the geo-fence (and isn’t just driving by for example) before triggering a notification.

My App Is Using KitLocate And Is Already Live In The App Store / Google Play. Can I Now Make Changes Like Add /Update / Change The POIs Remotely From The Kitlocate Dashboard ?

Yes – we offer a web service that enables you to do that – please contact support from the developers section.

Do I Need To Submit An Updated App To The Store Play Every Time I Need To Make Changes To My POIs / Geo –Fences ?

No – we offer a web service that enables you to update POIs and Geofences remotely – please contact support from the developers section.

Driving detection

Is It Possible To Identify When Someone Starts / Stops Driving Using KitLocate?

Yes, we have a motion detection module that provides indication when your users start and stop driving.

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