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Geo-fencing, Motion detection,
Social location

Power your app with location smarts


With KitLocate, you can define an unlimited number of points of interest (POI) and trigger actions based on your rules and logic when your mobile users enter or exit the fenced area.

Now you can communicate with your users at your doorstep. Improve loyalty and sales – set intelligent rules and events based on location, time, demographics and more.

Motion detection

Is your user sitting in a café? Walking around the mall? Driving through your parking lot? Our service intelligently identifies and tracks the different motion states of your app users, whether they are static, walking or driving – allowing you to trigger relevant actions or events on your app.

Take actions relevant to the current motion state of the users, whether they are static, walking or driving.

Mobile to Mobile

Social apps, hurrah! With KitLocate’s dynamic location, you can now share location love and help your users find friends and events on the go. Our mobile-to-mobile service enables creation of dynamic location events. For example, you can define a rule that will initiate push notifications informing users when they are in the proximity of other app users.

App Dashboard

KitLocate enables you to define and manage POI’s, location related events (we call them actionable location events) and the logic and rules that will initiate them.

Location based Push Notification Platform

KitLocate’s location based push notification platform enables our clients to manage and send personalized messages based on actionable location events.

Analytics and reports

Get the bigger picture. Our dashboard offers a range of predefined reports and the ability create your own using our reports systems.

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