Our good friends at Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU) have gathered some fantastic data on the world of apps we live in.
Apparently, not all apps are behaving as they should, draining our batteries and gobbling our bandwidth…
Really? Using some sophisticated gear and fancy graphics they have compiled a list of our favorite apps asking Operators (their customers) to keep an eye on “a number of apps that are already causing them heartburn. Alcatel-Lucent’s name-and-shame awards go to:

Highest network impact on bandwidth and signaling (how often the app pings the network to receive data): Google Search, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube
Highest data volume impact: iTunes, Instagram, Pinterest, Apple Maps and Pandora
Top battery drainers: Nimbuzz, Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Viber, and Palringo
Top data plan guzzlers: YouTube, Netflix, Facebook Video, Pandora, and Instagram Video”

apps behaving badly AL

More on this exciting research from SARAH REEDY, Senior Editor on the venerable LightReading
Alcatel-Lucent Puts Apps on 3G ‘Watch List’

It is clear that some apps needs more battery and more bandwidth – it is no surprise that the list is mostly populated by the likes of streaming services like Pandora, YouTube and other mobile video services as well as VoiP and chat apps. The first group sends a lot of data to our screens and the latter is running in the background, always ready to send and receive our most valuable ip communications.

For us at KitLocate, both battery drain and efficient network usage are issues we feel very strongly about. We aim to provide our SDK Apps partners the ability behave as good as they can. We spend a lot of resources and time on minimizing battery and network usage while providing the best possible experience – in our case, always-on location that does both.
We can promise you that no SDK partner of ours will get on this list because of our SDK 😉